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Deluxe Room

In addition to what’s available in the Standard Double Room (one king-sized bed, a bathroom, flat screen TV, air conditioning, fan, free WIFI, tea/coffee and a delicious breakfast), the Deluxe Double Room offers a breath-taking garden view that can be easily accessible by simply opening the glass sliding door! Enjoy an outdoor, garden breakfast after watching the sunrise, or simply soak in the clean fresh air and watch the clouds. This room is suitable for couples on a honeymoon or those looking for a romantic getaway. The extravagance is in the surroundings. This room is an ideal retreat that offers sweet dreams.
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Super Deluxe Room

Super Deluxe Room beach front is truly spectacular. With the white, fine sand that feels like silk under your feet to the soothing sound of the ocean waves, Super Deluxe Room beach front is excellent to explore. Unlike other islands, this beach front is not crowded, therefore, it’s perfect for those craving privacy. There’s so much to explore on the beach, but don’t miss out on the amazing view of the sky, with large puffy clouds floating around. At Dhighurah’s beach, the sky is not the limit since you also have the vast ocean to look into, which won’t be hard since it’s transparent.
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