A Dh Dhigurah

Dhigurah (meaning long island) is located 96 km southeast of Male’ in the southern Ari Atoll. The length of the island is approximately 3 km; its width (in its widest part) is 300 m. The island gets narrower in its southern direction and ends with a sandbank. You can go to Dhigurah by plane, by speedboat or by public ferry from Male’. The plane is 20 minutes. The speedboat takes about 2 hours. And the ferry takes around 8 hours and runs over night.

The island has everything a person needs, including several grocery and gift shops, as well as a medical centre. The atmosphere is calm and serene, a dramatic contrast from the hustle and bustle of city life. The local inhabitants are mostly found on the North side of the island, while the rest of Dhigurah mostly consists of fruits and vegetable gardening and natural vegetation. The island has beautiful white sand and clear blue ocean water, making a walk on the beach very tranquil and enjoyable. The sunrise and sunset are truly breath-taking and very much photograph worthy. Additionally, the frequent visits from the elusive whale sharks makes this island even more special since they can be found all year long!


Visit Dhigurah Island - Experience some of the wonders of this world captured at the South Ari Atoll, one of the most beautiful island in Maldives Island