Dhigurah Retreat Beach


As time passes, what endures the most are the moments that moved your soul or altered your mind—the amazing experiences that stay with you long after you’ve returned home. Dhighurah Retreat Beach is the getaway that will change your life! Exclusively catering to couples, families, and adventure seekers, this beach offers all sorts of phenomenal experiences, from relaxing on a pristine beach with clear ocean water to diving with whale sharks, this trip will impact your life! Be inspired by the beauty of nature at its finest. Experience some of the wonders of this world captured at the South Ari Atoll Dhigurah, one of the most beautiful island in Maldives. Dhigurah Retreat Beach offers a beach front encounter filled with a variety of excursions. Get an authentic taste of Maldives by visiting the sand bank, going sunset fishing, reef exploring, manta searching, dolphin spotting, indulging in water sports or even swimming with whale sharks… the opportunities are all there waiting to be experienced!

At Dhigurah Retreat Beach, you’re not just our guests, you’re our family. We provide a homely stay to ensure comfort and peace of mind. Be a part of the Maldivian culture and way of life, which welcomes everyone with joy. We offer two types of accommodations to suite your preferences; the Standard Double Room and the Deluxe Double Room. Come taste the flavours of Maldives with our authentic cuisine and experience life at its fullest. We offer a variety of dishes that are sure to please your taste buds. Just one trip to Dhigurah Retreat Beach will make you feel like you have a home in Maldives. But don’t just take our word for it, come visit us and see for yourself! We’re only 20 minutes away (by plane) from the capital of Maldives, Male’. Visit us now!

Visit Dhigurah Island - Experience some of the wonders of this world captured at the South Ari Atoll, one of the most beautiful island in Maldives Island